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FRANCE LAURE 24A Hydradermal Night Cream


24A Hydradermal Treatment Cream (105032)

If your skin is devitalized, let the 24A cream regenerate, hydrate and nourish your skin. Excellent after a day of sun tanning. For dull/dry skins.

France Laure treatment creams work while you are sleeping. What a better time to allow ingredients to regenerate, renew, repair and rejuvenate your skin?

  • 1.75 oz

When to use:  In the evening, after cleansing & toning

Treatment performance is all in the timing. Two categories of France Laure creams: protection (day); treatment (night). Each cream is specially adapted to a particular skin requirement. Protection creams reduce moisture loss and protect against environmental aggression. Treatment creams provide nourishing elements, decongestant, regenerating, purifying, smoothing, lifting, moisturizing and balancing according to the composition of ingredients.

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