For the face essentials....

Skincare treatments may feel like a luxury, but they are a necessity to uncover, restore and rejuvenate your beautiful skin. Before any treatment, a thorough skin analysis is conducted for every client to ensure it is perfect for your skin type. Then, a customize facial is designed to meet your skincare needs.

After the treatment, I teach you the most effective way to take care of your skin – an easy skincare regime to fit your lifestyle. I would suggest and recommend products that will maximize benefits for your home-care program. All of our treatments are available for men, women and for teens as specified..

***Ladies, it is recommended that you do not wear make-up including eye make-up to each session as it will take precious time away from your treatment to remove it. 

"SKIN Cocktail" for teens and all skin types

Organic Facial - (55 min.) $49 - Refreshing and supple; the ultimate all-natural skin treatment for all skin type. No chemicals added, organic fruits and herbs only. Safe for young and sensitive skin.

"Beauty Break" 

Mini-Facial - (35 min.) $39 - This revitalizing facial treatment is designed to cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize the skin based on the individual's skin type. No extractions, ensure a bright and supple complexion in just 35 minutes.

"Signature SKIN" customized facial

Signature Facial - (55 min.) $59 - A nourishing and clarifying treatment designed to target your specific skin type and restore its vitality with Vital C+ and Q10. As result, the skin is left protected and radiant. Recommendation: Add enzymatic peel treatment for just +$15

"Nutri-Confort" for mature skin

Mature SKIN Facial - (60 min.) $64 - Boost your skin and uplift your spirit. This collagen and AHA rich facial will combat dehydration, plump out and smooth fine lines and wrinkles. - Recommendation: Upgrade your facial with a Decollete Treatment for +$18  -and/or-  Neck and Shoulder Massage for +$29

"De-stress Me Up" eye treatment

Herbal Eye Treatment - (15 min.) $35 - This restorative treatment rich in Algae Collagen and Green Tea designed to control puffiness, dark circles and fine lines.

Add this treatment to any facial for just $15.

"Luxury for Me" SPA facial

Face + Body Facial - (95 min.) $169 - This is a complete treatment for face, eyes, decollete, hands and feet which includes deep cleansing, exfoliation, light extraction, anti-aging detoxifying massage and a nourishing mask as well as hands and feet massage.

ADD-ONS to compliment your facial...

  • Enzyme Peel - $15
  • Extractions - $15
  • Eye Collagen Mask - $15
  • Zip-Zap Therapy - $15
  • In-Grown Eliminator - $20
  • Hand Massage - $15
  • Foot Massage - $15
  • Hand & Foot Massage - $26
  • Neck and Shoulder Massage - $29
  • Decollete Treatment Mask- $18