It all seems too unfair, just when kids are hypersensitive about their appearance, acne shows up, wreaking on their self-esteem and confidence. For young people especially, the benefits of clear skin are undeniable. Unfortunately, acne is one of the trickiest skin disorders to treat. But, if you have all the facts and a variety of realistic options, you can help your teenager greatly reduce or even eliminate breakouts.

Here's what I have put together, an effective and easy-to-follow skin-care routine. Your teenager, believe it or not, will thank you!

Teen + Facial (14yr - 16yr)

Acne/Oily/ Congested Skin

(65 mins) $69 A specialized facial targeting acne breakouts for teenagers using THESIS 99% PURE ORGANIC products. This line is effective, natural, non toxic and most organic. Thesis skin face wash leave the skin clean yet hydrated. Lactic Acid and/or Refining Peach Enzyme are used to exfoliate oily teen skin. Soft extractions are included if needed. 

Tweens + Thesis (12yr - 13yr)

Tweens Facial - (50 min.) $59

An introduction to a lifetime of proper skin care. Cleansing, exfoliation, gentle extractions if needed and a finishing mask complete this facial. Detailed home care instruction is provided so that proper skin care can be maintained at home. 

Give a kick start to your Tweens with this unique THESIS facial package:

Tweens + Thesis - (50 min.) $115 - Includes 40 min. THESIS facial + home care education + THESIS product pack (face wash, toner, and serum moisturizer for specified skin type)

Recommended Products: THESIS BEAUTY 

Teens skin is very fragile and reactive to harsh chemicals and scents. This 99% PURE ORGANIC and VEGAN skin care line will bring soothing comfort in an instant. Does not contain any added scents for extra comfort. Facial serum contains truly luxurious organic oils, all loaded with powerful antioxidants and natural essential vitamins for the lasting comfort and glowing appearance. 

• Made with certified organic ingredients - extra high organic content.

• Luxurious, raw, cold-pressed organic oils fight free radicals, nourishes and supports your skin.
• No synthetic chemicals, preservatives, fragrance, water & fillers.